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Andrew H. Stevenson takes great pride in being a criminal defense attorney. He feels honored to defend his clients and respects the trust his clients place in him. Combining his strong trial skills with his empathetic concern for each client, he works hard to help achieve the best possible outcome for each client. In order to more effectively defend his clients, he has limited his practice to criminal and DUI defense. Andrew has successfully defended clients charged with capital murder, aggravated murder, murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, drug offenses, domestic violence and child abuse. He is experienced in, and successfully defended, cases involving allegations of “shaken baby” as well as multiple bone fractures. His practice also encompasses DUI defense and the related charges of aggravated vehicular homicide and vehicular assault. In his practice Andrew has developed a strong understanding of the forensic sciences and issues commonly confronted in criminal cases: forensic pathology, toxicology, tire impressions, speed calculations, finger prints, psychological and psychiatric illnesses. He strives to understand the science and methodology associated with the many different types of experts he encounters. He is most notably familiar with DNA evidence. He consults frequently on DNA issues in cases, and has presented several… Read More


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