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A Committed, Compassionate Champion for Justice
Bill Powers, a Charlotte NC criminal defense lawyer, is known as a polite, yet hard-nosed veteran of the courtroom. “Make no mistake, justice is a battle. My goal is to fight to the best of my abilities, while also being courteous to my opponent,” Powers says. “It’s something I work on every day.”

Criminal Defense, Traffic Violations, and DWI-DUI Impaired Driving
The criminal laws in North Carolina continue to evolve, and so does North Carolina attorney Bill Powers and his Charlotte NC law firm. It doesn’t matter the town, county, or jurisdiction – N.C. law is the same. There is no substitute for experience, dedication, hard work, and compassion when it comes to the practice of law.

A Statewide North Carolina Law Firm Practice
The state of North Carolina is wonderful. “I love traveling to different jurisdictions, working with all sorts of lawyers, judges, prosecutors, and court personnel,” says Mr. Powers. “It’s a rush to walk into a new jurisdiction for the first time. I can think of no more fulfilling way to practice law.”
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