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Trial attorney Genie Harrison is recognized by opposing counsel and her peers as a dogged advocate on behalf of her clients. Ms. Harrison provides aggressive representation in every case she litigates and she is truly a resource for her clients as they are navigating the disconcerting waters of employment troubles. Where possible, Ms. Harrison relishes the opportunity to bring institutional change, which she has been fortunate to accomplish a number of times in her career. This type of change makes working conditions better for all employees, not just her direct clients, and Ms. Harrison loves knowing that those who are not her clients have benefitted from her efforts. After all, helping others is the reason Ms. Harrison became an attorney in the first place. Ms. Harrison focuses her practice on plaintiff’s employment, civil rights and wage and hour litigation, including in individual and multi-plaintiff cases, as well as in class actions.

Ms. Harrison has obtained settlements and verdicts, including through working with other attorneys in trial, in excess of $66 million for her clients. Employment cases do not often result in seven figure verdicts or settlements, but Ms. Harrison has obtained a number of seven figure results. She has also… Read More


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