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Gina was licensed to practice law in the state of Calfiornia in 1997. Since then, she has amassed vast legal knowledge and courtroom experience. Her practice has always been limited exclusively to family law. Over the years, she has learned to listen. She understands that every client who walks through her door is unique, but each one is in need of kindness, understanding and direction. Over the years, Gina has helped thousands of people just like you.

Gina is a child of God, a wife, a mother, and an attorney- in that order. Her faith caused her to struggle with her profession, but after a conversation with her priest, she realized that it was her duty to be a beacon of light to those in pain. Since then, she has tried to guide each client through the darkness with her gentle skill. Gina takes the time to get to know her clients on a personal level. She listens to their problems and is passionate about helping them. Her expertise allows her to see things from a unique perspective. This makes her an excellent problem solver.

Gina is a “straight shooter.” She will always tell you the truth, even if it is… Read More

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Rodger Norton July 6, 2020 6:01 am

Gina famularo help me with a case with my wife back 13 years ago and 2007 she was one of the most highly recommended and sought-after family lawyers in the Temecula valley and with her experience and understanding and her love she had for the Lord she walked me through this process and I just want to thank her so much opportunity I got to be able to watch her work and passion she has for families and love she has for Christ I just want to thank her and I still need sometimes to bounce things off of her so with her guidance in love and understanding she is walking through this real dark phase of my life and still quite frankly he’s not quite over I still have some some pending stuff with my retirement she’s always been there for me and she’s I consider her friend and she’s a wonderful woman and I just don’t want to tell her thank you very much for everything you’ve done for me Rodger Norton and his kids and stuff have a great day bye bye 4 to 4

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