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A more than 25-year track record of success has resulted in Jon Norinsberg becoming a top civil rights litigator in New York City. There are very few civil rights lawyers who can say they have tried 200 cases like Jon can. A fearless, battle-tested warrior, Jon will take on any type of case, no matter who the adversary may be. A true trial lawyer, he is not intimidated by the enormous challenges complex civil rights and constitutional law cases sometimes present. He relishes being in the trenches doing the hard work.

Jon puts his heart and soul in helping his clients achieve success. “I work seven days a week, all times of the day and night constantly thinking about my clients and ways to win their cases,” he explains. “I get tremendous satisfaction fighting for the little guy, giving voice to people who don’t have a voice. Most of these cases are David versus Goliath. Many of my clients are used to getting their rights trampled on and have no way of fighting back. I take on their fight for them.” Many are surprised by Jon’s aggressive nature in court as outside the courtroom he is easy going and… Read More

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