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As the founder of The Lambrou Law Firm P.C., Lambros Y. Lambrou works with clients across the country, representing them in catastrophic injury and malpractice matters. He focuses his practice on wrongful death, medical malpractice, labor law, construction accidents and personal injury. The cases he handles arise out of infant birth trauma, failure to diagnose cancer, failing to perform surgery properly, other medical malpractice cases, slip and falls, auto accidents, accidents resulting in death and scaffolding collapses.

A graduate of the Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University, Mr. Lambrou worked for a well-known law firm that specialized in medical malpractice and personal injury, earning the position of partner in 5 years. He then left that firm to start his own. The welfare of his clients is important to Mr. Lambrou. He offers a sympathetic ear, prepares them for the trial and explains how the legal process works. He has achieved great success in the courtroom, using his legal knowledge and skills to win clients multimillion-dollar awards. Unlike most other lawyers, Mr. Lambrou employs jury research techniques on the cutting edge of trial law, by conducting mock jury focus groups to gather essential information as to how a… Read More

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