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Attorney Ventura entered the private practice of law in 1985. Since then he has focused his practice on civil litigation representing injured persons. His civil practice in representing injured persons over the years has included motor vehicle accidents of all types, injuries suffered due to unsafe property conditions at residences and businesses, medical malpractice, defective consumer products, construction and industrial accidents, injuries at work, sports and recreation related accidents, general negligence, and claims against insurance companies for bad faith and unfair claims practices.

Attorney Ventura has handled many cases involving a wide variety of injuries, both physical and emotional, ranging from muscle and ligament injuries to more complex cases involving serious neurological and orthopedic injuries (such as brain and spinal injuries and serious fractures) requiring surgeries and leaving individuals with lifelong impairments and disabilities. He has also worked on complex fatal accidents and wrongful death cases.

As Attorney Ventura’s current practice concentrates on serious injury cases, he often retains and works with different kinds of experts necessary to the effective presentation of the client’s case in order to maximize the client’s financial recovery. Attorney Ventura has worked with experts throughout the United States involving specialists in diverse… Read More

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