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Trent Copeland is one of Los Angeles’ most sought-after lawyers. Trent has successfully represented numerous high-profile individuals from all walks of life, including the entertainment industry and professional sports, as well as leaders in the business community and major multi-national corporations. When faced with potential civil or criminal consequences, whether in the investigation stage or if charges or claims have already been brought, it is no secret that the “go-to” lawyer is Trent Copeland.
Trent has successfully tried or litigated some of California’s most consequential cases, including the 2016 two-month long jury trial dubbed the “Santa hat” murder by local Riverside and national news media. Trent also successfully negotiated the reduction of felony charges against a well-known music executive after an extensive presentation by Trent to the District Attorney’s office. More recently, Trent negotiated and settled a hugely significant civil case involving international music star Justin Bieber. He also handled and successfully negotiated a six-figure settlement involving civil claims that he brought against NFL star Dwight Freeney. Trent has been named one of California’s Top 100 Lawyers. Trent specializes in high-stakes matters that demand the absolute best. He has been described by HLN’s Dr. Drew as a modern day… Read More

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