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Mr. Hanson is a personal injury and wrongful death attorney located in Orlando, Florida.

Michael Ehline is a former U.S. Marine who became an attorney on the California State Bar Law Office Study Program, and started a law firm. He went on to earn a JD at University of West Los Angeles School of Law at night, when he was already a…

Personal Injury Attorney for over 40 years, bringing experience to your case

Mr. SHTOFMAN has tried numerous cases and won numerous million dollar jury trial verdicts including Pogosyan v. LACMTA ($22 MILLION), Eshaghian v. Ghodsi ($8.25 MILLION), Cherry v. 3075 Wilshire, LLC ($3 MILLION), Hebert v. Excel Security Services (…

Timothy is devoted to helping people and their families injured due to the carelessness of others.