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My name is Bruce Blaylock, and I would like to tell you why my law practice is focused exclusively on helping people who get hurt.

My Background:
I grew up in Bethesda, Maryland and moved to New Orleans to attend college at Tulane University. While studying for my undergraduate degree, I became a certified Emergency Medical Technician and worked in the Emergency Room of Touro Hospital in New Orleans.

My Experience As An Emergency Medical Technician Working In A Hospital Emergency Room:
As a technician in the Emergency Room, I repeatedly saw up close how random acts of carelessness could result in tremendous pain, loss, and even death, to innocent people. I saw how enormously unfair it is for someone to become badly injured – or even killed – through absolutely no fault of their own.

Why Working In The Emergency Room
Made Me Want To Be A Lawyer:
This experience in assisting with the emergency trauma care of seriously injured victims inspired me to become a lawyer. I wanted to help injury victims use the legal system to achieve justice. I wanted to help make sure that their voice gets heard.

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