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As an Iranian Jew I came to the United States in 1979 when I was only 7 years old fleeing persecution. My parents left everything behind and we had to start anew. My family and I filed for and were granted asylum status giving us an opportunity to stay safely in the United States and obtain all the benefits this country has to offer.
I still remember the last day when my mother and I were sitting at the attorney’s office while he was preparing our case so we could legitimize our status. Although on that particular day I didn’t realize it, it left an everlasting impression on me – how one individual could have such a profound meaning on our lives for years to come.
The day I was sworn in as an American citizen, I promised myself to give back to others the wonderful opportunity my family and I were fortunate enough to receive. In this regard, I have dedicated my life to helping others from all walks of life who are fleeing persecution, want a new start in this country, or have come to this land seeking the American dream. During the last decade, I… Read More

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