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Jeffrey A. Brody, (who you may have seen on TV), is the founder of Litigators Incorporated, PC. His affiliated lawyers have been involved with cerebral palsy cases involving medical malpractice throughout the country.

Heart Behind His Practice: Personal Experience:
Mr. Brody has taken a special interest in helping families recover lifetime benefits for brain damage and other birth injuries caused by medical malpractice because of his personal experience. His sister had a son that was born with brain damage. When she died, she left her brain-damaged son behind.

Mr. Brody’s personal experience is the driving force behind his practice and dedication to helping other families affected by birth trauma and medical mistakes. Since his sister’s death, Mr. Brody has talked to thousands of parents across the country whose children suffer from similar conditions caused by medical malpractice.

His affiliated attorneys are committed to helping families and children born with injuries, including:
Cerebral palsy
Brain damage
Erb’s palsy
Brachial plexus injuries

Experience Matters:
In addition to his personal experience with birth injuries, Mr. Brody’s professional background has given him the experience necessary to serve as an advocate for affected families. His professional experience includes:

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