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Matthew Clawson is a second generation Colorado trial attorney. Matthew brings a great amount of enthusiasm and energy to his law practice, focusing primarily in the area of Family Law and Litigation. Since being in practice, he has tried hundreds of cases before Judges and juries. He has also been very successful in resolving cases outside of Court through alternative dispute resolution processes

Matthew has well-established professional relationships with experts throughout the community including parental evaluators, licensed therapists, forensic accountants, doctors, and appraisers. Matthew has earned a reputation of successfully empowering his clients through competent legal advice thereby enhancing his efficiency in litigating or negotiating a settlement for his cases. Matthew initiates problem-solving strategies immediately upon taking a case thereby minimizing the time and emotion inherent in a family-orientated legal proceeding.

Matthew believes the key to effective legal representation can be found in maintaining a well-managed and informed organization, utilizing state of the art technology, and fueling the organization with an experienced legal support team. Matthew maintains integrity in his associations through honesty, respect, and a professional demeanor; his confident tenacity during a difficult legal proceeding provides his clients with strength. He applies his philosophies to his practice of law… Read More

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