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Patrick Roberts is a highly rated, award-winning attorney, whose experience includes successfully handling complex criminal matters ranging from federal drug trafficking and serious sex crimes to 1st Degree Murder.

Jamaican-born and raised in Brooklyn, Patrick understands when life gets rough. He has represented people from nearly every walk of life has handled thousands of cases over his career.

As his career progressed, his focus narrowed to representing individuals only on high-level felonies (e.g., murder) and sex offenses cases and eventually narrowed to solely sex offenses.

Patrick has fought for dismissals, negotiated plea bargains, argued for the reduction of felony charges to misdemeanors, won acquittals at trial, and succeeded in criminal appeals.

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Heather Henderson August 17, 2021 3:32 pm

I highly recommend Patrick and his team! My husband was accused of awful things from a teenage girl that we know and faced 25yrs in prison. Patrick and his team were very attentive and professional. If Sabina, the paralegal, wasn’t available, then she was quick to return our call. She always took the time to answer questions & concerns we had. If it was something she wasn’t able to answer, she would setup a phone conference with Patrick to speak with us.
Patrick was our 2nd lawyer & over an hour away in a different county. We were misinformed by the 1st lawyer that we had to hire in the county that the accusations were made. We did & after a year & a half of nothing from our lawyer other then pushing to take a plea, we looked elsewhere. We learned that we did Not need a lawyer in the same county, met with Patrick and hired him! He was blown away to learn that our first lawyer had only requested the original discovery. He immediately put in for all medical records including medications that she was on and therapist that she saw. He worked hard on our case and got us a plea that we were told would Never be on the table. No prison time! Even in court he got the judge to knock 2yrs off of the probation period that was agreed upon in the plea. I truly believe that if we went to trial, Patrick would have won our case, but we have children and it wasn’t worth the risk of getting 25yrs in prison vs 3yrs of probation. I wish we had hired Patrick in the beginning cause I have no doubt that he would’ve got our case dropped. But the case was too old by the time we hired him. Do yourself a favor and hire Patrick and his team!!! They are amazing and we will forever be grateful for them!!

Veronica Wendt August 17, 2021 3:30 pm

Patrick took on a lengthy and complex case and met it head on, listening to his client and responding to his requests with specialized expertise and utmost professionalism. Sabina was fantastic in keeping the family informed of the legal proceedings and resolving an important legal issue. Excellent, high quality legal services.

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