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Attorney Terry Duggins takes a wide range of criminal cases, from DWI/DUI to violent crimes and white collar crimes. Whether you need to protect your driver’s license or fight a drug crime charge, he can help. Attorney Duggins also has considerable experience with complex cases and high-profile cases.

His approach to criminal defense and client service is to treat each client as an individual. He believes that building a strong defense begins with a review of your case and our own investigation. When we have the facts, we will discuss your options with you. In some cases, negotiating a plea that may include reduced charges may be the best choice. In others, forcing the prosecution to prove its case at trial may result in a better outcome. In all cases, it is always our clients’ decision about how to proceed.

He has represented Minnesota residents and visitors, as well as clients from states such as Wisconsin, Wyoming, Iowa, and North and South Dakota, who were charged with crimes. In addition, he provides representation in civil law matters, including cases of police brutality.

His experience includes more than 70 complete dismissals, usually shortly before trial, and hundreds of additional charges dismissed… Read More

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